With more than 10000 students on-roll and 17 faculties in different streams, J M College, Bhurkunda is committed to imparting higher education to the students of the “Koylanchal” as well as the tribal students from the adjoining rural areas. The college is sensitive to the needs of the students coming from various cross-sections of social strata and income groups.

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*     The college aims to ensure that students achieve their qualification, progress and reach their potential.

*     Community and other Partnerships – the college plays a dynamic role in its partnerships with local communities and other organizations which share its vision.

*     Specialized Training and Skills Development – the college aims to be recognized as a center of excellence for professional, technical and skills training.

*     To inculcate among students, the ideals of equality and oneness

*     To involve alumni and philanthropists in instituting scholarships and merit awards to the students.

*     To organize Guest lectures, Seminars, Workshops on academic topics.

*     To organize community service activities involving the students.